Submit a complaint online

Via this website you can file a complaint online. This complaint form is intended:

          1. For all private individuals, companies and social institutions
          2. with a complaint about a municipal organisation
          3. that is affiliated with the municipal ombudsman for the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area (see list).


This form is for new complaints only. Do you have questions about a complaint you have already submitted to the Ombudsman? Send an e-mail to info@ombudsmanrotterdam.nl or call 010 411 1600.

If the municipality or authority about which you have a complaint is not included in the list of affiliated organisations, please click here.

Please note that the ombudsman’s view is that you should first make your complaint known to the municipality to give the municipality the opportunity to reply to your complaint.

In addition, the ombudsman will not handle your complaint if:

                    1. the matter concerns a decision against which you may object,
                    2. the matter concerns a dispute in respect of which a court can deliver a judgment,
                    3. your complaint concerns municipal policy. In this case, you can submit your complaint to the municipal council or municipal executive.


Do you have a complaint about care or home care, assistance services for young people or education in Rotterdam?

Does your question or complaint concern care or home care, assistance services for young people or education in Rotterdam? If so, please visit the website of reporting centres Zorg Rotterdam or Jeugdhulp Rotterdam.

The municipal ombudsman houses the Rotterdam’s municipal ombudsman for children, Stans Goudsmit. Children, young people, parents and professionals who are dissatisfied with assistance services for young people or education can contact the ombudsman for children.

You can submit your complaint or question at www.kinderombudsmanrotterdam.nl or call 0800 2345111 (free). The website also provides more information about the municipal ombudsman for children.